Quantifoil® R 1.2/1.3 300 Mesh, Au

Quantifoil® with circular holes is used in cryoelectron tomographic reconstruction.

The roundness of the holes is advantageous with respect to the formation of an ice layer of constant thickness.

The hole size chosen depends on the magnification used, and on whether or not one wishes to include support film in the image.

Assessment of the image quality is easier when foil is included in the picture, because the power spectrum of a foil is stronger than that of unsupported ice.




Quantifoil® R 1.2/1.3Quantifoil® R 1.2/1.3

A foil with ~1.2 µm circular holes and a spacing of ~1.3 µm between the holes. This type is used at magnifications around 50,000x.

Hole Size: ~1.2 µm
Period: 2.5 µm

Manufacturer: Quantifoil Micro Tools
SKU: Q350AR1.3
Pack: 50 Pack
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