Quick Stick 135


  • Acetone Soluble - Ideal for high purity work
  • Low Melting Point - Flows at 135°C
  • Crystal Clear - Good for applications utilizing transmitted light

This temporary mounting wax is used in a variety of applications to bond samples during a processing application. After processing, the mounting wax is washed away in acetone leaving no residue.

Typical applications include

  • Single Microscopy Sample Preparation
  • Single Crystal Mounting
  • Metallurgical Applications
  • Wire Sawing
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Ultrasonic Cutting


Thermoplastic polymer. Softening point is 71°C (160°F). Flow point is 135°C (275°F). Viscosity at flow point is 6,000cps. The color is crystal clear and it dissolves in acetone. QuickStickT comes 20 sticks/tray and it weighs approximately 350 gram. Each stick measures 3"(L) x ¼"(W) x ¼"(H) (76 x 6 x 6 mm).

SKU: 50419-20
Pack: 20 Pack