PP3004 QuickLock airlock/transfer system

Ambient temperature airlock for SEM, FIB/SEM, beamline and vacuum platforms

Quick Overview

The QuickLok provides a rapid way of transferring ambient temperature specimens into SEM, FIB/SEM or other suitable vacuum systems. A key feature of the QuickLok is the ability to vacuum transfer specimens that are sensitive to normal environmental conditions. The transfer device uses a sealed vacuum chamber which can be interfaced to a glove box for inert gas transfer or allow vacuum transfer from a wide range of platforms.

Key Features

  • Rapid specimen exchange
  • Vacuum and inert gas transfer
  • Field-retrofittable to most systems
  • Upgrade path to CoolLok
  • Custom designed holders available
  • 3 year warranty


Mounted onto a suitable vacuum chamber port, the QuickLok consists of a loading chamber body with integrated controls for pumping, venting and transfer. A custom-designed interface flange and connections to the pumping system are included (see Pumping below).

The compact vacuum transfer device has an easy-release bayonet fitting to a dovetail-profile specimen holder (shuttle). Standard shuttles are included, but optional holders allow a range of specimen types to be handled.

Inside the microscope is a stage to accept the specimen shuttle. To aid specimen exchange an interlocked LED chamber light is mounted to the inside of the QuickLok interface.


The specimen is mounted on a suitable holder and the transfer device fitted onto the QuickLok. The airlock and transfer device are then evacuated to a pre-set vacuum and the gate valve opened. The specimen is then guided onto the microscope stage.

For transfer from other vacuum systems, or a glove box, additional interface flanges are available on request.


The QuickLok requires either a rotary pump or oil-free vacuum turbomolecular pumping station (see Options).

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