R-100 Series 6-well Plate

3 Dimensional Cell Culture Plate

PAMCELL™ is a 3-dimensional cell culture plate which enables the formation of a wide range of uniformly sized spheroids. Plates are composed of hexagonally-arrayed spherical particles coated with cells adhesively controlled functional groups on the surface. These plates allow for the control of cell-to-substrate and cell-to-cell interactions.


  • Enables formation of a wide range of uniformly sized spheroids
  • Provides various patterns on a single plate without physical barriers
  • Optically transparent for in situ microscopic observation in automated high throughput screening systems
  • Easy to exchange culture medium (spheroids are stably attached on plate surface)

Plates are available in two types

  • R Series Plates (96-well/6-well)
    • R-100
    • R-600

R Series, 6-well plates

For uniform, large spheroid production on a culture plate with uniform pattern and surface condition Suitable for HTS Screening (Imaging automation).


Product R-100
Micropad arrangement Square
Diameter of micropad (µm) 100
Gap between micropads (µm) 100
3D Spheroid formation Cell proliferation
Spheroid production (spheroids/well or unit area) 96-well 800
cm2 2,500

Width of line: 3 µm w/48 lines

R-100 Plate (Spheroid dia: 80 ~ 130µm)

  • For small sized cells (ex. tumor cells)
  • Anti-cancer drug screening (Ic50), Toxicity test
  • Patient tumor cells + stromal cells co-culture


1. Spheroids (Tumors, Stem cell)

  • HTS (Anticancer, Toxicity), Disease models
  • Tissue spheroid mass production (~800 spheroids/96-well)

2. Single cell assay (Response/Differentiation)

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