Retriever 115 Volt

Our Unique Retriever solves the problem of staining formalin fixed tissues. This is an affordable solution to all known major problems with immunohistochemistry on paraffin sections. Ease of use combined with high reproducibility of the results will give you the best quality immunostaining.

The Retriever is a bench-top model for thermally processing slides of formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues prior to immunostaining. The model has been designed to ensure identical processing of all the samples during a processing cycle, as well as the identical processing of the samples in individual sessions. The retriever preserves processed tissues.

Now you can:

  • Run antigen unmasking in 6 various buffers at once.
  • Perform gentle antigen retrieval that does not damage the tissue morphology.
  • Get identical results every time.
  • Compare series of slides treated in independent sessions.
How does the Retriever work?

Ok, basically it is a pressure cooker. However, a pressure cooker specially designed to unmask the antigen on tissue sections. The core principle is heating of the chambers with the slides at high temperature (>120°C) and high pressure. Sensors control the heating profile for the temperature and pressure to be reached at certain pace and over certain time. We did a lot of tests to find the optimal settings.

When the required temperature is reached, it will be kept for several minutes. After that the slides will be cooling over 2 hours. Specially designed thermal walls of the unit control the speed of cooling of the inner chamber and slides.

Who would benefit from using our Retriever?
  • Investigative Pathology, where the high quality of staining (a picture may be published!) is required.
  • Any labs thatis short on technical personnel: any student or post-doc can process slides for the staining without using much time
  • Small routine pathology labs, where a limited number of slides should be processed daily
  • Anyone who uses highly valuable samples, such as tissue arrays or unique tissue samples: Simplicity and reliability of the unit ensures the safety of your sample, and a high quality antigen unmasking

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