Quality Rolling Trimmers

Renowned worldwide for their design, safety and durability.

Rotatrim® Pro Series Cutters/Trimmers

These precision trimmer will cut most flexible materials up to 3.0mm in thickness. The laminate grid baseboard has been redesigned with crosshair paper-size guides and clutter-free work area. The self-sharpening precision blade is made of the finest quality Sheffield Steel housed in an all-metal cutting head. Twin stainless steel guide rails eliminate head swivel for smooth gliding cutting action.

Cutting Applications

Canvas, Card, Cellophane, Cibachrome, Cork, Corrugated Card, Craft Paper, Crepe Paper, Digital Prints, Felt, Floor Graphics, Foil, Heatseal, Honeycomb, Inkjet Paper, Laminations, Mountboard, Paper, Photo Film, Polyester, Polystyrene, Posters, Reflective Film, Self Adhesive Film, Tissue Paper, Transparencies, Veneers, Vinyl.

Catalog# Cut Size Cut Dimensions Weight
74880-12 12" (305mm) 2-Way 18.5x15.75" (47.1x40cm) 9.92lbs (4.5kg)
74880-15 15" (382mm) 2-Way 21.5x15.75" (54.7x40cm) 12.13lbs (5.5kg)
74880-17 18" (455mm) 2-Way 24x15.75" (61x40cm) 15.43lbs (7.0kg)
74880-24 24" (610mm) 1-Way 31x15.75" (77.8x40cm) 17.64lbs (8.0kg)
74880-30 30" (763mm) 1-Way 36.5x15.75" (92.8x40cm) 20.94lbs (9.5kg)
74880-36 36" (914mm) 1-Way 42.5x15.75" (108x40cm) 24.25lbs (11kg)
Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 74880-12 Description: Rotatrim Dual-Rail Cutter, 12" Pack: Each Price: $461.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74880-15 Description: Rotatrim Dual-Rail Cutter, 15" Pack: Each Price: $524.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74880-17 Description: Rotatrim Dual-Rail Cutter, 17.5" Pack: Each Price: $577.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74880-24 Description: Rotatrim Dual-Rail Cutter, 24" Pack: Each Price: $629.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74880-30 Description: Rotatrim Dual-Rail Cutter, 30" Pack: Each Price: $723.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74880-36 Description: Rotatrim Dual-Rail Cutter, 36" Pack: Each Price: $886.00 Add to Quote: