Tube Revolver

  • Maintenance-free motor with quiet operation
  • "Plug and Play" operation
  • Adjustable paddle angle
  • Includes five interchangeable rotisseries
Rotation Speed 10-40 RPM
Capacity Combination of 4 Paddles of 7x10/15 ml Tubes, 7x5/7 ml Tubes, 15x1.5/2.0 ml Tubes, 21x0.5/0.8 ml Tubes. One Paddle of 6x50 ml Tubes.
Standard Paddles:
(2 each)
-For 10 ml/15 ml tubes (7 tubes/paddle)
-For 5 ml/7 ml tubes (7 tubes/paddle)
-For 1.5 ml/2 ml tubes (17 tubes/paddle)
-For 0.5 ml/0.8 ml tubes (21 tubes/paddle)
-For 50 ml tubes (6 tubes/paddle)
Operating Temp. 4°C - 60°C
Outermost Dims. 225 x 154 x 195 mm
Max. Power 10W
Weight ≤1Kg
Power Supply 110-240V/50-60Hz
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