Rubis Anniversary Eyelash Tweezers Set Case

Rubis Tweezers Set Case has been designed to offer a safe place to store tweezers. With a perfect combination of hard cover and adaptive foam on the inside, tweezers will always be protected, whether it be from accidental dropping or external agents like dirt or chemicals.

Rubis Tweezers Set Case, with its compact design (185 x 140 x 20 mm) and light weight (100 g empty) is the perfect way to transport your tweezers safely.

This special case set includes the following models:

  • 1KVR (volume rush) for positioning 3-5 false eyelashes at the same time
  • 1K5A (pointed) for positioning individual false eyelashes in place
  • 1K2A (rounded) for positioning individual false eyelashes in place
  • 1K7ANG (angled) for separating eyelashes and creating the space necessary to position false eyelashes

The case can also be purchased separately.

Supplier: Rubis
SKU: 78190-07
Pack: Each