S8 Micrometer

Stage Graticules

These stage graticules are intended for the routine calibration of eyepiece patterns, particularly when alternating between objectives on one microscope, or when using the same graticule in different microscopes. Their robust construction makes them ideal for student use and for instructional purposes. The scale or grid is centered on a glass disc mounted in a black anodized aluminum slide 75mm x 24mm x 2mm thick. For applications requiring traceable standards, see Stage Calibration Standards.

Two types are available:

  • Transmitted light
  • Reflected light, as is used with metallurgical microscopes

Table: Accuracy and Line Widths of Stage Micrometers

Pattern Line Width Accuracy (overall) Type, Length Nos. Div. Div. Size
S8 0.002mm ± 0.001mm Horizontal, 1.0mm 100 0.01mm
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