Sapphire Cell Culture 96-Well Black Microplate, PS/PS

Designed to prevent cross contamination.

Our black cell culture microplates have low auto-fluorescence with efficient light blocking ability to obtain most accurate result in fluorescence experiments. Microscopic observation can be done simultaneously with fluorescence experiments due to its highly transparent bottom. Plate is thinner than existing polystyrene plates, making it well-suited for cell attachment and microscopic observation.

  • Designed to prevent cross contamination z Effective gas exchange lid inner design 
  • Alphanumeric labeling 
  • Individual packaging in plastic tray 
  • Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic, DNase/RNase free, human DNA-free 
  • Sterile 

Packaging: ES56184B 5/sleeve, 25/case 


Dimensions 85.4 x 127.6 x 14.4mm 
Material Plate/Bottom PS / PS 
Well Dimensions 6.5 x 10.8mm 
Growth Area 0.33cm2
Total Volume 0.30mL 
Working Volume 0.20mL
Surface Treatment Yes
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Material Polystyrene
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Cat #: ES56184B Description: Sapphire Cell Culture 96-Well Black Microplate, PS/PS Pack: 25 Case Price: $199.26 Add to Quote: