SB50N Grid Storage Box With Unique Number

This newly designed TEM grid storage box, for routine handling and long term storage of 50 standard size TEM grids. This new ergonomic design incorporates several features that overcome the disadvantages associated with storage boxes of the more conventional "sliding cover" design. This new box has a unique number on the face and on one end.


Size 75 mm (L) x 65 mm (W) x 6.5 mm (D)
Weight 22 grams
Materials: Base: ABS-PHAT (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene + Anti-Static Additive)
Cover CAB (Cellulose Acetal Butyrate)


  • The blue arrow at the 12:00 o'clock position indicates the park position for the cover when not it is not in use. This is a firm grip "click" position and it cannot be moved accidentally thus preventing spillage
  • The clear cover can be rotated smoothly through 360 degrees once the slight initial resistance of the park position has been overcome exposing a maximum of 2 or 3 diamond shaped slots at any one time
  • The 50 diamond shaped slots have an alphanumeric referencing system. Each box is supplied with an index record card for additional information
  • The material the bases are made from have been chosen due to their anti-static properties. The clear cover has self-lubricating properties, which reduces friction, enabling the cover to move freely while remaining in close contact with the face of the base
  • The storage boxes are designed to be stacked, the base locating precisely over the face of another box
SKU: 71136-01
Pack: Each
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