Scintillator YAG (20.0X2mm )


  • Low Phosphor Noise.
  • High Resistance to Radiation Damage.
  • Long Working Life.
  • Possible Application in Ultrahigh Vacuum Conditions.

YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet activated by Ce3+) has a very fast response time of 50-60ns and they do withstand well to the bombardment by electrons or ions far better than plastic or phosphor scintillators. Light emission peaks at about 560nm which means that S20 photocathodes are most suitable for detecting the emission. YAG is suited for high current operations. The response is better then for the P47 discs below 5kV and again at higher accelerating voltages, where the performance of powder scintillators fall off while the response of the YAG continues to increase linearly.

The crystal should be coated with 50nm of aluminum prior to use. If the layer becomes damaged it can be removed with sodium hydroxide. The crystals are mounted with the matte surface in contact with the light pipe as this has shown to increase the efficiency.

Use with Philips scanning electron microscopes.

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