Seal'N Freeze Cryotray, Rect

Seal'N Freeze® cryomolds were developed for use in the lab to address common challenges in frozen tissue sample processing and storage. The Seal'N Freeze® Cryotray® consists of four cryomolds designed for easy separation and batch processing of multiple tissue samples simultaneously in the Seal'N Freeze® Box. Sealable lids provide optimal protection for storage and ensure the uniform shape of each frozen sample.

Perfect Frozen Samples
Creates perfect, uniform blocks every time.
Easy Sample Labeling
Includes sample space for labelling each sample.
Smooth Extraction
High-quality, durable plastic molds ensure smooth extraction of the frozen block.

The Seal-N Freeze® Box allows users to freeze up to four tissue sample simultaneously and hands-free, when used with Seal'N Freeze® Cryotray® cryomolds inserts. The box's stainless-steel case and foam lining ensures optimal temperature control throughout the hands-free freezing process. Its small and compact size ensures easy storage- even in the most cluttered laboratory.

How it works


Cryotray Type Dimensions Package Size
25 x 30 x 20 mm
(L x W x D)
50 trays per package
= 200 molds
SKU: 62642-02
Pack: 50 Pack
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