Secador® 1.0 Desiccator Cabinet

  • Built-in hygrometer – Quick check on RH levels
  • Transparent for easy viewing of contents
  • Superior chemical resistance – Resists staining
  • Patented sealed construction – Airtight
  • Stackable – Small footprint

**The below items are nolonger available:
       71225-06 replaced by 71225-00
       71225-07 replaced by 71225-00

To convert your Model 4.0 Secador® Autodesiccator Cabinets or Secador® Desiccator Cabinets from the Horizontal configuration to the Vertical, or from Vertical configuration to Horizontal, all you need is a new set of shelves.
>>Horizontal Shelves
>>Vertical Shelves


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Cat #: 71225-00 Description: Secador® 1.0 Desiccator Cabinet, Clear Pack: Each Price: $322.00 Add to Quote: