SEMF3, Nickel

These new SEM grids are designed to aid in the identification and localization of SEM specimens when placed on standard SEM stubs.
The SEMF1 has several features that are incorporated for easier location of the specimen and identification of areas of special interest

  • Referring to the annular rim identifies north, south, east and west.
  • The four quadrant markers are tapered towards the center.
  • 100 Radial sectors are easily identified by reference to decimal numbers in the annular rim and alphabet letters in the four quadrants.
  • A matte surface on one side is for correct positioning – matte side up.

Type SEMF3

25 cells are identified by reference to their alpha-numeric position. The large asymmetric cut-out feature in the rim enables the right view to be easily obtained when placing on a SEM stub.

Overall Diameter: 10 mm
Overall Thickness: ~50 µm
Material:  Nickel
SKU: 80103-NI
Pack: 10 Vial
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Material Nickel