Serum Amber Tube Vials, 2mL

These are the choice containers for Lyophilization. There is three majors factors to successful Lyophillization: Heat Transfer, Sealability, Water Vapor Transmission Barrier

  • Heat Transfer – a Wheaton Glass serum vial, as opposed to glass serum bottles, plastic serum bottles, and other containers has a very consistent thin wall and bottom. This attribute of a Wheaton glass serum vials allow the heating phase of the lyophilization process to take place rapidly and effectively.
  • Sealability – Wheaton glass serum vials feature a "blowback" feature in neck and bottom. This allows for a 2 or 3 legged lyophilization stopper to be securely and evenly seated in the mouth of the vial during the lyophilization process. An uneven stopper may results in water vapor entering back into the vial once stored. Additionally, these serum vials come in standard crimp finish sizes, for compatibility with various standard aluminum seals and crimping tools.
  • Water vapor Transmission Barrier – Wheaton glass serum vials are made from premium, low extractable, borosilicate glass, which offers a superiorbarrier to water vapors. The vials are available in either clear and amber for UV light transmission applications.
  • Autoclavable – These vials can be autoclaved, by dry heat, by chemical, by gas, or by radiation.

Serum Tubing Vials – Amber

Size ml Screw Cap Size Dia x Hgt mm
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2 7 x 13 15 x 32
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