NIGHTSEA DIM Option - Retrofit

Lamp Base Light Control Options

The SFA lamp base is available in three versions: Standard, DIM, and PULSE. Standard lamp bases have a simple OFF/ON operation. DIM lamp bases feature an OFF/ON/DIM switch to change the intensity of the light. PULSE lamp bases incorporate a BNC connector that accepts a voltage signal to control the excitation source ON/OFF.

Only one control option is available per base. This DIM and PULSE options can be purchased as part of a new system, as a retrofit to an existing base, or in a stand-alone lamp base purchased a la carte.


The DIM option adds a combined switch and dimmer control.

When you first turn the unit on it is at full power.

As you rotate the switch the intensity decreases, reaching about 30% power at the minimum setting.

You have finer control in the brighter portion of the adjustment range.

An intensity indicator (1-10) makes it easy to record and repeat preferred settings.

Manufacturer: NIGHTSEA™
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