Silicon Nitride 10 nm thick TEM Windows (9 Windows)

Ideal Substrate for Cryo-Microscopy

"Our initial findings indicate that viral particles prepared on Cryo-SiN, exhibited greater contrast in comparison to those prepared on holey carbon films under the same conditions. As a result, we were able to calculate 3D reconstructions of viral particles prepared on Cryo-SiN using a fraction of the images required for samples prepared on holey carbon films." Tanner et al. Microscopy & Microanalysis Abstract, 2013

  • Avoid substrate degradation seen with carbon grids
  • Plasma cleanable to reduce contaminants
  • Our proprietary carbon coating may also improve charge dissipation leading to a reduction in beam induced movement
  • Large 500 µm windows provide ~50 x 50 µm viewing from any orientation at 70 degrees of tilt for tomography
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