Silicon Nitride Lift-Out TEM Windows

Low-stress silicon nitride for lift-out applications

Available with or without gold contacts.


  • State Of The Art – Our expert engineering and MEMS fabrication processes allow us to provide these one of a kind silicon nitride lift-out grids.
  • Open Half-Grid Shape – Our Silicon Nitride Lift-Out TEM Windows feature a large, robust window with a freely suspended side along one length of the window, providing an easily accessed edge for sample preparation and thinning to electron transparency (e.g. 50 nm or less).
  • Ready To Use Gold Contacts – 200 nm thick gold contacts for sample electrical biasing or heating are formatted for FIB-based sample preparation methods.
  • Fit – The 100 micron thick frame and rounded half-grid shape fits flip-stage SEM/FIB holders and standard TEM sample holders.
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