Silver Conductive 18Db70X

Silver Conductive Coating 18DB70X is a direct substitute for Silver Conductive Fluid 416, which is no longer available. This material was specially formulated for use in geographic areas that demand the use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products. It also provides low ohms at very thin dry film thickness on almost any surface, and exhibits excellent long term shielding and grounding properties.

Typical Properties:

As supplied (Liquid)

Pigment Silver
Binder Acrylic
Solids content by weight: 50.8% ± 5%
Density: 13.9 lb/gal (1.67 kg/L)

As applied:

VOC 0.5 lb/gal (59.6g/l)
Diluent: Acetone (1:1 ratio by volume)
Drying time: 5 minutes air dry to touch/10 minutes to handle then 5 minutes at 180°–225°F(82° – 107°C) or air cure for 24 hrs.

When dried:

Sheet resistance: 0.015 ohms/sq. in./mil (25 µm)
Attenuation: 75 dB
SKU: 12684-15
Pack: 15 g