Silicon Nitride TEM Window Grid, (8)100 sq., (1)100x250µm, 10nm

Silicon Nitride TEM Window Grids perform well under harsh lab conditions.

Silicon frames are 100 µm thick. Grids fit standard 3 mm holders and most double tilt holders. They come in clear gel-boxes for simpler sample preparation.


  • Plasma Cleanable - can be vigorously plasma cleaned to remove organic contamination
  • Field to Field Uniformity - Less than 0.5 nm variation in film thickness across an entire production log, not just a single window grid
  • Tolerates temperatures above 1000°C - Supports use in environmental TEMs where dynamic processes are observed at high temperatures
  • Withstands Harsh Conditions - Provides an ideal balance of imaging resolution, chemical stability and mechanical strength
  • Incorporates LPCVD, low-stress(~250MPa), non-stoichiometric silicon nitride to provide flat, insulating and hydrophobic surfaces

Recommended Use

Robust, Increased High Resolution: 10 nm 9 squares (100 x 100 µm)

Choosing a TEM Window Grid
Handling Instructions
Membrane Strength

Each Pack contains 10 grids.

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Pack: 10 Pack
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