SlideFile™ System, Blue

The most convenient, organized and versatile way of storing 3" x 1" (75 x 25 mm) microscope slides vertically. This impact resistant SlideFile™ Storage System can hold up to 400 slide per unit in just 1720 cm3 (105 cu. in.) and are stackable for space saving.

Each SlideFile™ System includes a slide box and two removable trays. A transparent hinged cover makes it easy to see at a glance the content of the box.


  • SlideFile™ System is a removable tray inside the storage box having 100 numbered slots. All slides are stored vertically for easy insertion and removal.
  • In the upright position, one is able to read bar codes without having to remove the slide from the box.
  • For space saving purposes, you can double the amount of slides simply by storing two slides side-by-side per slot. And for maximum storage space or long-term storage, simply remove the SlideFile Tray and line up 400 slides in three rows.
  • Six drain holes incorporated into the tray ensure complete emptying of the liquid when using the slide holder for drying purposes
  • Two index cards numbered from 1 to 100 are included to allow for slide recording titles.

Dimensions: 86 mm x 248 mm x 83 mm high (33/8" x 9¾" x 3¼" high).

SKU: 71451-10
Pack: 10 Pack
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