SmartStor Supa Mega Block Archive Box, Flatpack

Designed to maximize slide and/or block storage.

  • Constructed from corrosion-protected steel.
  • Stackable (up to 5 cabinets).
  • Optional heavy-duty Static Base or Lockable Wheeled Base.
  • Cabinet drawers have openings on the underside to facilitate easy push up and removal of SmartStor boxes.
  • Drawers are slotted in front for archive labels.

SmartStor Archive Boxes

These recycled fiberboard boxes are an economical solution for long term storage. They are compatible with both SmartStor 2 and SmartStor 8 cabinet drawers. Available flat-packed.

SmartStor Supa Mega Block Archive Boxes

Accomodates 60 Supa Mega blocks, 128 Supa Mega Slim Blocks or 80 Supa Mega Mothership blocks.

SKU: 63280-67
Pack: Each