Square Mold A Type (78 x 130mm)

These easy-to-operate cold mounting vacuum presses produce excellent pore impregnation and well-supported samples with increased clarity and edge retention. They include a durable vacuum pump that supplies sufficient vacuum to evacuate entrapped air from any porous specimen. A freely adjustable 360° joy stick allows multiple molds to be filled under vacuum from the attached epoxy cup holder and flow control.

The MV01 vacuum chamber has viewing windows on each side. The MV02 features a transparent cylindrical vacuum chamber cover.

Advantages of Vacuum Encapsulation/Impregnation with Epoxy Resin

Impregnation refers to the penetration of a porous sample to preserve its internal as well as external integrity.

Epoxy-based resin works best for both impregnation and encapsulation. The lower the viscosity of the epoxy, the deeper it will penetrate into a sample and the better it will mechanically bond separated fragments.

Benefits include:

  • Filling pores, cracks, and spaces
  • Preserving microstructure
  • Preserving the original distribution of components
  • Binding detached fragments
  • Edge retention
  • Improving overall sample integrity
  • Facilitating the handling of samples
  • Preparation of a sample for sectioning, grinding, or polishing
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