Stage Micrometer, Sm-1 With Calibration

The Opal and Quartz are offered as a special only and must be requested.

P: positive image (mostly clear or white); N: negative image (mostly opaque or black)

All EMS micrometers come in a sturdy wooden case.

Model SM-1

5 inch/125 mm X-Axis Linear Stage Micrometer

The SM-1 linear stage micrometer is a versatile microscopy measurement scale. At 5" in length, with 100µm divisions and NIST traceable calibration, the SM-1 offers a large measurement scale length with precise divisions in small increments. Labeling at 1 mm and .1" intervals.


Glass Size 2" x 5.25" (50 mm x 132 mm)
Scale Length 5 inch (English) X-axis only
125 mm (Metric) X-axis only
Divisions English = 0.01"; Metric = 100µm (0.1 mm)
With numerical labeling every 1 mm and 0.1"

With Calibration.

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