Deep Base/Insert Tray/2 Mats/Lid

  • Trays are perforated
  • Made from high Strength Ultem® Plastic
  • Autoclave, Steam, Dry Heat, Chemical Sterilization is possible
  • Has an extended Life Cycle
  • Trays are stackable
  • Economical and Flexible Design

Has flexible silicone mats which offer flexibility to layout the instruments for sterilization. A unique "grid" system exists in the base, tray and lid, making it easy to install the mat required, protecting yours instruments properly. The trays are stackable and they have integral feet in base and corner ridges on lids which allow for easier handling in the autoclave and for storage.

All bases have pebble-type surface to keep mats from sticking.

SKU: 66114-05
Pack: Each
A: 10 x 6 x 1.5 (254 x 152.4 x 38)