Style 41LB-5

Made from SA steel with serrated handles. These tweezers are specially designed to handle different fragile and delicate materials of gallium or silicon wafers. They have a smooth polished non-glare surface with a satin finish. The tweezers have stopping pins turned up on lateral edges and graduated lower paddles prevent the wafer from slipping. The tweezers are also available in Peek material. Peek: An ESD Safe, 105Ω x cm. Soft, conductive fiber, with heat resistance up to 250°C (short exposure 300°C). (Not compatible with nitric and sulfuric acids.)

Flat lower paddle. Length: 132 mm (5¼") with 5 teeth.
B =16 mm (5/8")
C = 9 mm (⅓")
E = 2 mm (1/12")
F = 3 mm (⅛")
M = 11 mm (½")
N = 2 mm (1/12")
R = 52 mm (2")
S = 42 mm (1⅖")

Manufacturer: Rubis
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