Style DS-1 Straight Vannas Scissors

A new concept in scissor technology. MicroPoint scissors can be used for suture or tissue, and they are manufactured without rings which eliminates the problems with right handed or left handed users. Scissors do not cut by cutting. They cut by shearing.


  • They have three times the shearing angle to reduce "tissue crushing"
  • They last far longer than ordinary scissors
  • O.R. Castro-Viejo quality at a floor-grade price
  • They offer consistent cutting at the tip
  • The blades cannot work loose
  • The contact between the blades remains constant
  • Ambidextrous: perfect in right and left hands
  • Easy to pickup and use, no clumsy rings
  • Adjustable shearing contact
  • Lifetime Guarantee: All MicroPoint™ Scissors are guaranteed for life against rust, breakage and rivet loosening

These scissors are available in two configurations: Uniband® and FeatherLite®


MicroPoint Unibands
Length 5"
Width 1"
Height ½"
Blades ½" to ⅞"
MicroPoint FeatherLites
Micro model – Lengths 5¼" and 7¼"
Micro model – Blades ¼" and ½"
Standard – Lengths 5½" and 7½"
Standard – Blades ⅞"

5mm and smooth blades. Length 125mm (5").

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