Supa Mega Mother Ship Cassette, Red

The Supa Mega Mother Ship allows the use of a standard tissue processing cassette to clearly print a 2D barcode and test information, thus eliminating the potential risks associated with hand writing on cassettes.

Supa Mega Mother Ship cassettes are designed using a docking area for standard processing of cassettes. They have a strong hex pore structure which improves processing for large specimens.

  • Improved turn-around-times (TAT), significantly reducing processing times
  • Improved specimen quality, reducing distortion; no curling or "pringle" effects
  • Efficient through reductions in the time required for trimming block prior to floating sections
  • Time saving by ensuring rapid casting of block, 30 minutes at -8°C (using a Supa Mega Mother Ship base mold), compared to 50 minutes with conventional Supa Mega cassettes
  • Improved processing with a large open area hex pore design to maximize fluid exchange
  • Reduced carry-over during tissue processing
  • Enhanced sectioning quality through greater adhesion of the paraffin block to the cassette
  • Elimination of the possibility of the embedded specimen being separated from the cassette when sectioning fibrous specimens.
SKU: 62511-R
Pack: 100 Pack
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