Supa Mega Slim Cassette, Blue

Supa Mega Slim Cassettes are an innovative solution for the processing and embedding of large tissue specimens. The Supa Mega Slim Cassette is half the depth of a conventional Supa Mega Cassette. The reduction in the specimen thickness offers significant improvements in processing time, and ensures distortion free, consistent high quality tissue processing. It also offers other significant time savings for the end user, such as reduction in the time required for trimming of blocks, and quicker embedding of specimens. When used in conjunction with the specially developed Supa Mega Slim embedding mold, Supa Mega Slim blocks have been shown to cast in 20 minutes at -8°C, compared to 50 minutes for conventional Supa Mega Blocks.

The novel hexagonal pore design, arranged in a honeycombed structure, offers a greater open surface area, compared to the slots of conventional Supa Mega Cassettes. This ensures a more efficient flow of reagents during processing and reduces carry over of reagents. The increased open surface area also reduces the occurrence of embedded specimens being separated from the cassette when sectioning fibrous specimens, as it significantly increases the binding between the embedded tissue block and the cassette.

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