Tenbroeck Tissue Grinder 1 mL

  • Ideal for grinding liver, heart, and intestine tissue
  • Made from Wheaton 33 borosilicate glass
  • Hollow pestle can be pack with ice
  • Pour lip on mortar – Autoclavable
  • Mortar OD x Length mm: 11 x 48
  • Overall Length: 140

All glass Tenbroeck tissue grinders are precision made, interchangeable pestles and tubes, no need to keep to keep component matched, also offer easier replacement of damaged parts. The clearance between pestle and tube is 0.0035 to 0.0065" (0.09 – 0.16 mm)While this grinder is designed for hand operation, it can be slow speed motor-driven by inserting a rubber stopper (side 00) and metal rod into pestle. This unit also features an expanded reservoir and pouring lip.

SKU: 64798-01
Pack: 2 Pack