Tissue-Tek® VIP® Paraffin

Sakura Finetek - High-quality paraffin for processing and embedding.

Quality prepared wax - allows optimal sample preparation.

  • Allows reduced compression in sections as thin as 2µ
  • Melts at 56°C to protect samples from excessive heat
  • Will not discolor or produce resin precipitate
  • Small pellets for rapid melting in tissue processors/embedding centers
  • Leaves no plasticizer residue to clog paraffin lines


Medium Composition: Purified paraffin and synthetic resin blend
Applications: Processing/Embedding
Additives: None
Melting Point: 56°C
High Temperature Stability: 65°C
Solid Product Range: Pellets
Sectioning Range: Down to 2µ
Manufacturer: Tissue-Tek
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Cat #: 62580-01 Description: Tissue-Tek VIP Paraffin Pack: 1 kg Price: $23.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 62580-08 Description: Tissue-Tek VIP® Paraffin Pack: 8 x 1 kg Price: $174.00 Add to Quote: