Titer-Tops® prevents sample evaporation, well to well contamination, external contamination and sample spillage. Titer-Tops® are made from 4.4 mil polyethylene film with an FDA approved non cytotoxic acrylic adhesive. Each pre-cut rectangular sheet is 6"x3.25" with a paper liner. The center section of the liner measures 5"x3.25" and once it is peeled off it leaves two hand-grip extension tabs on the two ends.
These tabs allow for easy application of the Titer-Tops® to the plate. Titer-Tops® are chemically resistant and thermally stable. The acrylic adhesive is waterproof, solvent resistant, and compatible with all plastic microtiter plates.
Titer-Tops® will stay in place even when exposed to 100% humidity and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 100°C. They are easily pierced with a micropipette tip to provide access to sample wells. Titer-Tops® are gamma sterile.

Film Type Titer-Tops®
Ideal Use Misc Storage
Temp. Range -40°C to 100°C
Thickness 4.4 mil (0.0044 in.)
Material Polyurethane
Gas-Permeable No
UV Transparent To 250nm
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