Torrlube Tlc 10 Oil, 2 X 60cc Bottles

The most advanced fluorine synthesizing technology was used to modify the molecular chain of these PFPE oils to make them stronger as well as more effective under high temperatures and pressures.

TLC oils were developed specifically for critical applications that require high temperature serviceability in deep vacuum. They are safe in oxygen systems, are non-flammable, and are highly resistant to aggressive chemicals. Their intrinsic inert nature makes them non-reactive, and therefore, compatible with most materials used in Semiconductor and Aerospace applications.


  • Can handle very high temperatures
  • Very low vapor pressure
  • An excellent lubricant under both atmosphere and vacuum
  • Nonflammable
  • Non-Reactive
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Do not react with oxygen
  • Very low outgassing
  • O-Ring Conditioning
  • Infinite shelf life
  • Made in the USA
Supplier: TorrLube
SKU: 60752-20
Pack: 2 x 60 cc