Tru-Block Eye Shields - Standard

Eye Shields

Light entering your eyes from the side can interfere with what you want to see in microscopy in general, and fluorescence microscopy in particular. Eye cups are available, but the standard ones don't extend far from the microscope and don't do a good job as ambient light increases. Our soft, molded rubber high-sided microscope eye shields are the answer. The tall wings extend up far enough to truly shield your eyes from any level of ambient light and eliminate distractions so that you can see your subject better. Two pairs (one Standard, one Compact) are included with every Eclipse MicroTent™, and you can also purchase them separately.

The Tru-Block Eye Shields are available in two sizes

  • Standard - fits 36 - 45mm (1.45 - 1.75")
Manufacturer: NIGHTSEA
SKU: sfa-eye-s
Pack: Each
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