Tube Rotator

  • Sturdy, balanced base with positionable continuous-duty motor
  • Cord-attached variable speed controller adjusts mixing action from gentle slosh to rapid agitation

Applications include embedding for electron microscopy, creating blood cell suspensions, encouraging tablet disintegration, and washing precipitates in solvent solutions.

Includes friction-drive test tube head with:

  • 31 Spring Clips for 10-18 mm tubes
  • 16 Spring Clips for 20-30 mm tubes
Dimensions 10-1/8" W x 10-11/16" D x 9-13/16" H
Speed Variable, 2-83 RPM
Shaking Action End-over-end; Gentle slosh to rapid agitation
Capacity Load weight maximum 5 lbs.
Electrical 120V or CE 240V
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Cat #: 65100-55 Description: Rotator, 120V Pack: Each Price: $1,600.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 65100-60 Description: Rotator, CE 240V Pack: Each Price: $1,600.00 Add to Quote: