Ultra Diamond Knife Dry 35°

The optimal thickness range for cutting with these knives is between 30-150nm. They are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 mm-4.0 mm as a standard. Other sizes are available upon request. All of these knives are tested within a thickness range of 30- 150nm. Whether your needs are biological or materials related, in EM or LM, we have a knife to suit your needs.

ultra 35° Dry: The ultra 35° knife (in the triangular holder) with a cutting range of 100nm - 2µm is used for dry sectioning of epoxy or acrylic resin embedded biological samples, which need to be investigated by element analysis (Ref. Edelmann) and SIMS (Ref. Guerquin-Kern). The gliding of the sections on the dry knife surface is facilitated with the use of our Static Line II ionizer.

  • 4.0 mm
Supplier: DiATOME US
Pack: Each