Ultra Jumbo Diamond Knife 2.0mm 35° Wet

These knives are available in 35, and 45 degree angles. The optimal thickness range for cutting with these knives is between 30-150nm. They are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 mm-4.0 mm as a standard. Other sizes are available upon request. All of these knives are tested within a thickness range of 30- 150nm. Whether your needs are biological or materials related, in EM or LM, we have a knife to suit your needs.

ultra 45°: Recognized as the knife for routine sectioning. It is a good compromise between section quality and durability. The 45° knife is recommended for the sectioning of extremely hard and brittle materials such as ceramics. In this domain it has replaced the formerly recommended 55° knife.

ultra 35° Wet: The capabilities of the 35° diamond knives have been shown in two publications by J.Jésior (Ref 3, 4). He proved markedly reduced compression, smoother section surfaces and better structural preservation with the use of our 35° diamond knives. In addition a great number of scientists have noticed and recognized the advantages of the 35° knives for the sectioning of Lowicryls, inhomogenous samples such as undecalcified bone, dental materials, etc.

The 35° knives have proved advantageous in the sectioning of soft industrial samples such as metals and polymers, as well as for hard and brittle samples, for example semiconductors (Si, GaAs, etc), superconducting oxides, nanocrystalline ceramics.

The use of 35° knives leads to reduced compression in soft samples and to less breaking in hard and brittle samples. We can claim that the 35° diamond knife has proved it's capability as a routine knife for many applications.

ultra 35° Dry: The ultra 35° knife (in the triangular holder) with a cutting range of 100nm - 2µm is used for dry sectioning of epoxy or acrylic resin embedded biological samples, which need to be investigated by element analysis (Ref. Edelmann) and SIMS (Ref. Guerquin-Kern). The gliding of the sections on the dry knife surface is facilitated with the use of our Static Line II ionizer.

Ultra Jumbo: The Ultra Diamond knife is now available in Jumbo with 35° and 45° angles and in 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm sizes.

Supplier: DiATOME US
Pack: Each