UltraBed Kit

A Newly Introduced Low Viscosity Epoxy Embedding Kit

A Modification of the Dr. Spurr's Formula for Biological, Material, and Mineralogical Specimens

Versatile! Easy to use! Save Time and Money with this one-step-preparation low viscosity embedding kit.

The kit consists of two components, equal amount, very low viscosity, (~65cps), in convenient dispenser top bottles. To prepare the Embedding Resin, just mix equal amounts of the two components. The resin readily infiltrates into specimen and polymerizes to a clear, hard block overnight at 60°C.

  • Convenient – by weight, just disperse equal amount of the A and B that you need, and mix together
  • Save time – Mixed resin can be used for both infiltration and embedding
  • Less Hazardous – All components are shipped together as Non-Hazardous substances

Kit comes with 100 mL each component A and component B.

Storage Cat # Description MSDS Pack Price Quote Quantity
Storage:RT Cat #: 14310 Description: Ultrabed Low Viscosity Kit Pack: Kit Price: $317.00 Add to Quote: