Ultrasonic Knife

The DiATOME ultra sonic, the oscillating diamond knife for room temperature ultramicrotomy. It was developed in collaboration with Dr Daniel Studer, Lab. of Anatomy, University of Berne.

A piezo actuator produces an oscillation of the knife at a desired frequency and amplitude, parallel with the cutting edge. A depression in the foot of the knife allows the oscillation parallel to the cutting edge. The depression is rigid in the north/south direction and guarantees stability in the cutting direction.

The new knife produces ultrathin sections almost free of compression.The sections become thinner at the same thickness setting: since the volume of the section remains the same, the increased length leads to a decrease in thickness.

We have tested the oscillating knife with Biological samples in Epon, Araldite, EM Bed, etc., biological samples in acrylic resins (Lowicryls, LR White), and rigid polymers such as PS, PMMA, ABS, HIPS, modified PP, etc.


- New
- Knife angle: 35°
- Knife cutting range: 10-80nm
- Knife cutting edge length: 3.0 mm

The Control Unit

- Frequency: 25-45kHz, or automatic setting of the resonance
- Amplitude: variable (Voltage 0-30V)
- Mains voltage: 230V, 110V

Supplier: DiATOME US
Pack: Each