Universal Immunoassay Buffer™, 10x

Immunoassay buffer is used as a 1x in all immunoassays (immunofluorescence, IHC, ELISA, WB etc.) as a washing buffer and it can be used as a dilution buffer for antibodies; however it does not contain any carrier proteins.

This buffer also does not contain any phosphate, sodium azide or mercury as preservatives and can be used for dilution of all antibodies, including peroxidase, antibodies to phosphoproteins. It is not suitable for dilution of antibodies to S100 proteins.

Reagent Supplied: 10x Buffer

Application: Dilute this 10x buffer 10 times with DI water. (90 ml water + 10 ml this buffer – mixed well). Wash 3-5 times with this buffer in between the steps of your immunoassay protocol.

Storage: Room temperature

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Storage:RT Cat #: 25880-01 Description: Universal Immunoassay Buffer™, 10X Pack: 100 mL Price: $63.50 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 25880-10 Description: Universal Immunoassay Buffer™, 10X Pack: 1 L Price: $178.00 Add to Quote: