Universal Supa Mega Cassette Clamp

The Supa Mega Cassette Clamp is used during the microtomy of large tissue blocks. Incorporating an intuitive quick-release system, the clamp can securely hold any Supa Mega tissue processing cassette. Unlike other large tissue block clamps, the Supa Mega Clamp's unique design allows sectioning all the way through the Supa Mega block without collision between the clamp and knife block. Mega and Slim base molds work nicely with this design and the possibility of the cassette being attached in the wrong orientation is eliminated. Compatible with Leica Biosystems RM2100 and RM2200 and Thermo Scientific Microm HM series of microtomes. Cassettes sold separately.

  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Secure clamping of cassette
  • Quick release function saves time
  • Unique design avoids collision between the clamp and knife block
  • Highly durable- manufactured aluminum
SKU: 70065-01
Pack: Each