Uranyl Nitrate, Hexahydrate

Reagent Grade, A.C.S.

F.W. 502.13

CAS #13520-83-7


Purity 99.9-100%
Density 2.807 g/cm3
Solubility ~66g/100g H2O
Melting Point 60°C
Boiling Point 118°C
Insoluble Matter <0.005%
Chloride (Cl) <0.002%
Sulfate (SO4) <0.005%
Alkalies % Alkaline Earths (Sulfates) <0.1%
Heavy Metals (as Pb) <0.002%
Iron (Fe) <0.002%
Substances Reducing Permanganate (as UIV) <0.06%

A Universal EM Negative Stain used for viruses. In tissue samples it stabilizes nucleic acids and cell membranes. These solutions are more stable than uranyl acetate and they react primarily with negatively charged groups in the absence of phosphate ions.

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