USAF Test Chart, Positive Image, Groups 2/1 to 9/3 on SS slide PS75P

The optical resolution charts are used to test characteristics such as resolution, contrast, distortion and modulation transfer function (MTF) of lenses, cameras and optical systems. Ronchi rulings and grids are used to create interference patterns, to measure distortion and for MTF measurements.

EMS offers a range of charts on glass and in metal foil. Customers often require special charts for specific applications and these can be made to your exact requirements.

USAF Test Chart Groups 2 to 9, Element 3

Sub Micron smallest feature size - bar width 0.00078mm [0.78µm]
High Resolution Positive Image
Soda Lime glass mounted in Stainless Steel Microscope Slide
Engraved with unique serial number for traceability (75mm x 26mm)
Supplied in Polished Wooden Box

Sub Micron smallest feature size - bar width 0.00078mm [0.78 um]. Engraved serial number.

SKU: 68098-05
Pack: Each
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