V Model Microscope

Fluorescence Observation Brilliant and Affordable

Incorporating system versatility with outstanding Infinity corrected optics, the BK Series (replaces the JC Series) offers an affordable Fluorescece module to meet this specialized need.

  • Filters - two cubes with single band excitors easily slide into place and combine with the HBO illuminator to deliver intense, high contrast images
  • Optics - Infinity-corrected plan achromat lenses guaranty brilliant, color corrected, high contrast images
  • Robust - all metal frame and focus mechanism endure high use while providing a stable platform minimizing vibration
  • Mechanical Stage – Unique Locking Stage remains at focus even when pressed, saves time in changing specimens
  • Versatile performance - multiple techniques available, including brightfield, polarization, phase contrast with slot built into condenser for slider and dark field

Key Specifications

  • Optical body - Seidentopf design inclined 30°; 48 to 75mm interpupillary adjustment, 360° rotation
  • Eye pieces - 10X wide field; High Eyepoint, Field Number 22 mm.
  • Turret - 5 position ball bearing, reversed for unrestricted access, with click stops
  • Mechanical stage - 6.25"(156mm) X 5.4"(138mm) with vernier scale; Range of motion 76x54mm; right hand coaxial
  • Focusing - 0.001mm markings, adjustable tension control & focus stop prohibits drift, protects specimen and objectives
  • Condenser - 1.25 N.A. 2 element Abbe with iris diaphragm, slot for phase slider, color coding corresponds to objectives
  • Kohler Illumination - field diaphragm, 20W, 6V Halogen with dimmer
  • HBO Illumination - Mercury vapor high pressure arc-discharge lamp, increases depth dimension by 4 in., 10cm.
  • Dimensions - (WHD) (in/cm) 7.7 x 16.5 x 11.0 / 19.5 x 41.8 x 28.0 Gross Weight (lb/kg) 25/11.4
  • Microscope Includes: dust cover, two color filters, spare halogen lamp and fuse

Objective Specifications and Models


Aperture (mm)

Field of View
with 10X E.P. (mm)
Brightfield / ∞
Planachro (mm)
4X 0.13 5.5 12.3
10X 0.3 2.2 5.03
40XR 0.7 0.55 0.72
100XR 1.25 0.22 0.17

Filter Specifications

Filter Cube

Emission Peak

Dichroic Peak
V (optional) 400-410 455 455
Pack: Each
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