Vacuum Oven 3606 240V, Dial Thermometer

The Most Popular, Multipurpose Vacuum Ovens!

  • 220°C (428°F) Maximum temperature
  • Two control configurations and display options
  • 0.44 cu. ft (12.5L) and 2.3 cu. ft (65 L)
  • 24 Months Warranty


  • Operating temperature range from ambient +5°C to 220°C (428°F)
  • Vacuum level displayed on gauge from 0 to 30" Hg (76.2cm)
  • Model 3606, 3608 and 3618 Vacuum Ovens feature a hydraulic thermostat to control temperature to ±1.5°C with a uniformity of ±5°C @ 100°C; 25" Hg and built-in oven-temperature protection
  • Model 3618P Vacuum Ovens feature programmable microprocessor- based P.I.D. temperature control that regulates to within±0.2°C with a uniformity of±2.4°C @ 100°C; 25" Hg
  • The programmable microprocessor- based temperature control on Model 3618P Vacuum Ovens run at a single set point or utilize a 24-step program of ramps and dwells. These vacuum ovens features
    independent vacuum and purge needle values
  • Model 3606 and 3606-1 have top-mounted independent evacuation and venting vacuum fittings; all other models features front-mounted three-way valve for evacuation, venting, and purging of inert gases (e.g. nitrogen or argon) with vacuum fitting on front of unit

Product Description

  • Radiant warm wall heating sustrem provides optional uniformity
  • Conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications
  • Silicone door gasket and a positive latch door maintains the seal for all vacuum levels
  • Exclusive Polycarbonate safety shield protects door glass
  • Two removable aluminum shelves including standard
  • Vacuum fittings require 0.25" (0.6 cm) I.D. tubing
  • Easy-to-clean #304 stainless steel chamber interior
  • Powder coated heavy gauge steel exterior construction.

Product Specifications

Chamber inch (cm) Overall inch (cm) Chamber Vol cu. ft (l) Net Wgt lbs (kg) Ship Wgt. lbs (kg)
8 (20) 8 (20) 12 (30) 17 (43) 17.4 (44) 16 (41) 0.44 (12.5) 57 (26) 110 (50)

Operating Specifications

Temp Range °C
Rise Time (Ambient to 100°C) Control@100°C 25" Hg Uniformity @100°C, 25" Hg Vacuum Range
Ambient +5C to 200°C 100 minutes ±1.5°C ±2.2°C 0-30" Hg
SKU: 63234-20
Pack: Each
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Voltage 240V
Wattage 600