Vibration Isolation Platform 12X18, 10-30

VIP Series 320 isolation technology is superior to air technology. First, these vibration isolation platforms are passive, mechanical and maintenance free. There are no air hoses or supporting hardware required. Second, Vistek bearings isolate effectively for the horizontal and vertical vibration components. The superior performance of the Vistek bearings in all six degrees of freedom makes this isolation platform the best choice for eliminating unwanted vibrations.

Virtually any type of scientific instrument may be positioned on the Series 320 Vibration Isolation Platform. Units such as microscopes, hardness testers, measuring devices, digital imaging systems, AFMs, and Analytical balances are all applications for a bench top or tabletop platform. Standard sizes are 12" x 18", 18" x 24", and 24" x 30", for general use. Custom shapes, sizes and colors are available on request. Transmissibility Curve for the VIP Series 320 1/6th Hertz Vibration Isolation Bearing.

Technical Information

Natural Frequency
Horizontal: 0.3Hz
Vertical: Varies with payload

Payload Range Spectrum
Min: 3⅝
Mid: 3⅛
Max: 2⅝

Bearing: Nickel-plated alloy steel with clear anodized aluminum
Plate: Black anodized aluminum

Dimensions, in. (mm)
Payload Range, lb (kg) Shipping
X X1 Y Y1 Min Max  
12 (305) 19 (483) 18 (457) 21.5 (546) 10
(11 kg)
SKU: 67120-12
Pack: Each