Wafer-Mount™ 562

A dry temporary adhesive film, 0.003" thick, which can be easily cut to size with either a razor or scissor. This mount permits pre-placement of the adhesive film exactly where the user wants it. It melts at 195-210°F. After application it can be dissolved rapidly in trichloroethylene or toluene. This material is particularly useful in applications where a pre-formed adhesive film is needed to assure uniform bonding and flatness or in bonding stacks of substrates such as LCD glass slides for slicing. Sheet size 8" x 10".

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Cat #: 50404-10 Description: Wafer-Mount 562 Pack: 10 Pack Price: $103.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 50404-20 Description: Wafer-Mount 562 Pack: 20 Pack Price: $193.00 Add to Quote: