Well Orienter, Stand and Pad

For Easy Pipetting and Identification of Samples in Microplates

The Well Orienter

  • Convenient visual aid for pipetting and identification of samples in microplates.
  • Sharp, alpha-numeric characters compatible with 96- or 24-well microplates.
  • No more cross-referencing headaches!

The Well Plate Stand

  • View samples at a comfortable 30° angle and pipette without strain
  • The neoprene pad and rubber feet prevents slippage of the plate and stand

The Well Pad

  • A convenient note pad that corresponds to the layout of a 96-, or 24-well plate
  • Keep accurate records of samples in a microplate
  • Adhere sheets into a notebook to create a quick reference guide
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Cat #: 70490-10 Description: 96 Well Orienter Pack: 4 Pack Price: $29.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 70490-20 Description: Well Plate Stand Pack: Each Price: $49.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 70490-30 Description: 96 Well Pad Pack: 50 Sheets Price: $15.00 Add to Quote: