Winlab 30-Slide Rack, Ls-30

Stainless Steel and Plastic Slide Racks

  • They are very good chemically as well as thermally
  • Have limited uses in microwave and solvents
  • When it comes to inserting the slide, easy to break the glass or tear the tape on abrupt edges

WINLAB Slide Racks

  • WINLAB Racks are made from Poly-ceramic that maintains its structural integrity to 200°C in any solvent while being microwaved
  • WINLAB Racks last a lot longer than any other materials
  • WINLAB Racks save time and money

Advantages of WINLAB Slide Racks

  • Made from Poly-Ceramic with more than 40 years of product development and state of the art molding technology
  • Microwave Safety – in a distortion-free rack
  • Chemical Resistant – to all solvents below 200°C
  • Designed – for histology and cytology staining and coverslipping
  • Quality Control – Every rack is tested for performance criteria and dimensional accuracy, ensuring consistency, which makes WINLAB a name you can trust
  • WINLAB Racks fit the Tissue-Tek Tape Machines
  • Easy Slide Insertion – V-Groove slots
1. WINLAB 30-Slide Racks

WINLAB 30-Slide Racks are available in two models: LS-30 and LSM-30.

The LS-30 is held rigid by the carrier the same way as the Sakura/Bayer models, preferred for Leica stainers. Handle positions: 1 x vertical, 2 x 45°, and 2 x 90°.

The LSM-30 version swivels by carrier as does the Medite stainless steel racks and has the advantage of fitting Leica, VBS, Bayer, Sakura, Medite, coverstaining machines and Sakura tape coverslipper.

Handle position: Swivel 45°.

WINLAB 30-Slide Racks measure: 4½" L x 1⅜" W x 2½" H (115 x 35 x 64 mm).

2. WINLAB 20-Slide Racks

WINLAB 20-Slide Racks are available in two models: LS-20 and LSM-20 (LSM-20 fits Medite stainers).

WINLAB 20-Slide Racks are fitted to a Sakura Staining Dish, either Green or White and also fits most other staining dishes.

Racks measure: 3" L x 1" W x 2½" H (77 x 25 x 64 mm).

3. WINLAB 30-Slide Rack Carrier

Steel wire hooks are molded to the polypropylene handle to form Slide Rack Hanger. The Slide Rack Hanger is very easy to attach or detach from the WINLAB Slide Racks.

30-Slide Rack Carriers fit all Models LS-30 and LSM-30 above.

4. WINLAB 20-Slide Rack Carrier

Same construction as 30-Slide Rack Carrier but fits all LS-20 and LSM-20 Slide Racks.

5. WINLAB 30-Slide Rack Carrier for InstrumenC/DAKO Slide Racks
6. WINLAB 20-Slide Rack Carrier for InstrumenC/DAKO Slide Racks
7. WINLAB Slide Rack Wire Handles

Steel wire is bent to form a handle. Use these handles for manual staining and the Medite stainer.

Model W3-5 fits all WINLAB 30-Slide Racks.

Model W3-6 fits all WINLAB 20-Slide Racks.

arrow118. WINLAB Plastic Handles

Model SR-20 for all 20-Slide Racks

Model SR-30 for all 30-Slide Racks

These handles are economical as well as microwave safe and solvent resistant. They may be used for all manual staining to avoid unwanted chemical and heat contact.

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